Hello everyone,

It’s finally that time of the year. Post-summer aka. Autumn.

I love Autumn. Jumpers, long sleeved shirts, flannel. Wearing flannel button-downs is just something I’m most excited about. The transition between breezy and cosy is just something I look for all summer.

Flannels are versatile, you can wear them as a dress, with trousers or shirts. My favorite colors are red/black or black/white plaid shirts.

Did you know? Flannels were created by the Welsh. They needed something the help through the tough weather, when it was windy or wet. They needed to keep warm while working outside. The concept of flannel shirts spread fast through Europe and nobody knows who came up with this name. The Germans called it ”Flanell”, the French ”flanelle”.

Today we call it a staple in our wardrobe and it is. It’s casual, yet chic. I’m always on a hunt for a good bargain shirt. H&M, Primark and Asos got some nice ones, I linked them down below.

So there’s nothing more for me to say, than put on your flannel, go on a walk and make yourself a nice cuppa when your back.

See you guys next time.

xxx Nadine





Hello there everyone!

How are you doing today? This is my new attempt to have a blog – and actually post something. But now I’m motivated, like I’ve never been before. I finally found some things to talk about and I think they’re even interesting enough to put it in the interweb.

Now let me tell you a bit about me. My name is Nadine, I’m going to be 23 on December 24th and I’m German, although I sometimes
feel pretty Brit-ish (get it?). I speak both, German and English img_3484 – with a cheeky British accent – and because I’d rather talk English all day, I decided to write an English blog instead of a German one.

I’ll write about my thoughts on life(style), my planner addiction and other cool stuff. And hopefully you guys will enjoy reading it. If you want to be updated, everytime I post something, please subscribe on here or follow me on any of my social media – @dudeitsnadine on Twitter and Instagram.

So again: I am Nadine from SuddenlyShining and this is my first blog entry.

See you guys next time xxx

P.S. The next post will be more fun, I promise.